CLOSED - RFP - Assessing the Economic Impacts of Developing the Port of Sheet Harbour Into an Offshore Wind Hub

This RFP is now closed. The successful proponent is: Waterford Energy Services.

The US offshore wind (OSW) sector is forecast to grow significantly in the coming years. An important asset to the OSW industry is a viable port that meets strict industry standards and is positioned in a geographically favourable location. Sheet Harbour, located along the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia, has the unique opportunity to use its port’s competitive advantage and become an integral part of the US OSW supply chain. Using the port of Sheet Harbour to act as one of the logistical hubs for the US OSW industry would likely have beneficial implications for Nova Scotian businesses that are able to provide services to the OSW industry. It is important for the Province to understand the extent of the potential economic benefits that such a development would create. OERA is therefore requesting the submission of proposals for a report that identifies the opportunities for Nova Scotian companies and quantifies the economic impacts of using the port of Sheet Harbour as a logistical hub for the US OSW industry.

Details for this request for proposals and information on how to submit your proposal are in the below PDF.

Sven Scholtysik, Research Manager

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